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Daily Activities

Join in the fun!

At NHC Anderson the quality of life for our patients is of utmost importance to us. We believe that regular activities keep our patients engaged in life.

With several hours per day of leisure time (free time) to fill as they choose, recreation becomes a very vital part of each patient's day. Our Recreation Department strives to offer exciting, therapeutic activities daily, which can be enjoyed in a group situation or on an individual basis. These events are planned to meet the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of all patients while also providing an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. We invite all of our patients to come and be a part of the fun filled activities and seasonal outings.

We invite everyone to join in these regular events:

  • bingo
  • games
  • music performances
  • refreshment socials
  • reminiscence groups
  • craft classes
  • daily exercise class
  • cooking class
  • gardening
  • bookmobile

Sensory and Mental Stimulation Programs

These programs are provided for special groups of patients needing the benefit of recreation with a mental or sensory intent. These include Reminiscent Therapy groups, which serve to enhance self-esteem, increase enjoyment of social relations, and to create and preserve a feeling of personal significance.

In-Room Recreation Program

Our Recreation Department strives to meet the recreation interests and needs of all patients residing in our center. We take a special interest in those patients who are unable to participate in group situations due to ambulating problems, physical, or mental limitations.

Independent activity boxes, which house many materials and supplies for patients to engage in independent activities of choice, are available on each station.

The In-Room Activity Program allows patients to participate in recreational activities such as:

  • grooming assistance
  • music therapy
  • reading
  • artwork
  • reminiscing

Religious Services

To meet the spiritual needs of patients, religious services are offered on the weekends along with Bible Studies, Sacred Concerts, and mid-week Devotion during the week. Through fellowship and faith, the aged meet problems of advanced years with more tranquility and less fear, finding strengthened resources in their religion. A clergy is available for individual counseling at patient's request and any patient's personal clergy is welcome to visit.

Our chapel (across from the dining room) is the location for worship services, singings, and Bible studies hosted by local churches throughout the week. While we encourage our patients to maintain communication and involvement with their local church and religious groups, we also have on-call chaplains to meet spiritual needs upon request. For your convenience, we make available a list of days/times of local worship services on tv/radio.

Special Events

Holidays such as Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas are celebrated at our center with decorations and reminders, which bring color and excitement into the lives of the patients and staff alike.

We host multitude of holiday and other special events. These events are usually held in our Dining Room or Community Room. Our private dining room and larger community room are available for patients to reserve for private birthday parties or other family gatherings at our center. Monthly birthday honorees celebrate with cake, ice cream, or other special refreshments and the singing of Happy Birthday. We also have party games to help make birthdays special. Each patient's birthday is also acknowledged on their day with a special certificate and the staff singing Happy Birthday especially to them.

Our recreation staff is also active in coordinating other special occasions that patients and partners actively participate in regularly. Our medically able patients are encouraged to attend outside events with family and friends at leisure. We also schedule group outings during the summer months to local restaurants and other events.

Room Reservations

We offer a room in our facility that may be reserved by family members and friends of our patients for private lunches, dinners, and parties. Just contact the recreation staff for details and arrangements.

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